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Glasgow Driving School: Trust us when we say "there is no better feeling than passing your driving test" and right now you are on a mission to do just that, but in all honesty which driving school in Glasgow are you going to use?

There are 100's of driving schools in Glasgow, they all look the same, and lets face it there is not a lot of information to help you decide which is going to be the best choice for you.

So today we are going to share with you how to save over £500, actually it's closer to saving a £1000 but we don't like to blow our trumpet too loudly. We are going to share with you the questions driving schools hate and don't expect you to ask, because you will be discovering all by yourself which school is the right choice.

Now of course, we want you to phone us and take lessons with us, but we are not stupid, we know all customers will speak with 2 or three driving schools, and why not? The very least we can do is make sure you leave this website having been impressed with what you have been able to learn.

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Here Is Another £300 You Can Save

People take private practice lessons with mum, dad, and older brother or sister etc because they feel it is a cheap way of learning, and if you are doing one hour of professional tuition a week, we can see your thinking.

However... you simply will not need to insure a car, pay for the fuel and cover the costs of wear and tear, especially on the brakes clutch and tyres if you follow our routine of 2 lessons a week as mentioned before.

The cost of insuring a family car for a learner driver can easily be £25 a week, then you have fuel to add on top and the wear and tear. So let's be fair and say you insure the car for just 10 weeks and you are spending £30 a week to run it, there is your £300. Now if you do a few miles and ran the insurance for only 3 months (12 weeks)  the cost increases and increases.

So please, just take professional tuition in the way we recommend and you could save a fortune.

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Passing Your Test 1st Time

We have already said the average person needs to take 2 tests and half of all driving tests end in a fail, right now we are going to show you why this happens and how you can avoid failing.
In short people fail because they are not prepared, lacking the confidence and do not know what is expected of them from the driving examiner.

With our driving school we are going to teach you the fundamentals of being a safe driver from your very first lesson, on every following lesson and every skill you learn you will apply a simple 4 step rule. This rule will make you a safe and natural driver not just ready for the driving test and to impress the driving examiner, but truly to be a safe driver once you are on your own.

The 4 step rule is this.

1. You need to be in control of the car at all times
2. You need to be aware of the Highway Code and follow it
3. You must be able to spot hazards 
$. You have to approach driving with a safe attitude

So whether you are learning how to use the clutch, turn right on a roundabout, reversing or whatever, once you apply all four of those steps you will be driving properly and safely. 
Many learner drivers are not taught this in the early stages which can create problems later.

You will know for yourself if you are ready for the driving test without your driving instructor needing to tell you because you can look at the four step rule for everything you do. But there are more checks you can do to make sure you have the confidence and preparation you need to pass your driving test.

1. From you first driving lesson with us we will give you a learning to drive syllabus, every time you start to learn a new skills we give you a mark, and once you can do that skill all by yourself and without help you are marked as being independent. So once all of your skills are to an independent level you have proven to yourself you can drive without any assistance.

2. We will give you a mock driving test and once you pass this your confidence will zoom.

3. Finally, on the lessons in the lead up to your driving test you will be driving without any help or support from the driving instructor. Brilliant! Just what you need to show you can pass first time.

People who fail tend to be the ones who are not ready and have not gone through these checkpoints. Failing a driving test is expensive and costs are around £300, that includes a a new test, hiring of the car and more lessons. You don't want to be doing that.

In total we have now shown you have you can reasonably save in the region of £900

Other Driving Schools
We are friends with other driving schools, so if you live outside of Glasgow, we recommend the following schools in the follow Areas.

The Driving Academy in Killamarsh
DGN Driving School in Wolverhampton
Driving Lessons in Staveley

They are all highly recommended as we have met them in person
on different training courses for driving instructors.
Also for female driving instructors in Isle of Wight Speak to Tracey who has  great passion for driving.

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The Best...Glasgow Driving School

How To Save The Best Part Of £1000 When Taking Driving Lessons

If you need to grab a pen to make notes do so, or just bookmark this page in your favourites so you can come back to us at a later date...THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT FOR YOU

We are going to show you how to save in the region of £300 on driving lessons, £300 on private insurance and £300 on making sure you can pass your driving test the first time. That's well over £500 and getting on for £900.

If you have not yet heard of the DVSA they are the government people who employ driving examiners, set the standards for the test etc. They say that on average you are going to need 47 hours of professional driving lessons and 20 hours of private practice to pass your driving test. Furthermore the average person needs to take 2 driving tests and half of driving tests end in a fail.

We don't do "average" and in these statistics you are going to find the learners who only take on hour of lessons a week, and also the learners who take a few lessons, stop for a week or two then take a few more lessons etc. If you want to be average and if you want to waste money follow that routine.

You can though, if you are clever, save around £300 on driving lessons by having fewer lessons overall. All you have to do is this. Make sure each lesson is 2 hours long, or even 90 minutes, and take 2 lessons a week, lets say one every 3 or 4 days.
It works like this. If you did one hour a week, every week, the the following week you will need a serious recap on what you did in the previous lesson and this will cost you about 15 minutes, so for every 4 hours of lessons you are losing one hour due to not being able to remember what you did, or being able to pick up where you left off. 

So for some who is taking 1 hour a week and needs 47 hours, they could well have saved 12 hours by learning the way we say. 12 hours is going to be around £300. Does that make sense to you?

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Driving Instructors In Glasgow

The QUESTIONS You Have Got To Ask

As you know there is very little help for you to find out who is the best driving instructor in Glasgow for your needs. What usually happens is a learner will phone a few schools, ask a few questions and then choose a school on the sound of the instructors voice. Let's call it gut feeling.

All driving instructors in Glasgow expect you are going to ask about price, the car, the location, how many lessons you will need and pass rate. But none of these questions really helps you find out if the driving school is the right one.
These are the notes and questions you need to have...

1. You now know 50% of tests fail, so if anyone says they have a very high pass rate like 90% ask them if that is a first time pass rate or overall? What the driving instructor should be saying is "we have a high pass rate, but more importantly we have a high pass rate because you only sit the driving test once you can properly drive, we want to be sure you are safe"

That is the answer you are looking for. Not some bullshit figure. Yes harsh words but very true. The driving test is all about you being 100% safe and the driving schools who take their pupils to the test who are safe have a much higher chance of passing.

2. Ask the driving school for their grade and when was their last Standards Check. A standards check is a test of ability carried out by a senior driving examiner to make sure the driving instructor is doing the right things. There are 3 grades, A, B and fail. 25% of all driving instructors have a grade A. 

3. If the driving instructor you are speaking to has a grade B, that could be fine, just as long as you know. So you then need to ask them what courses or training have they taken since their grade to try and improve it. If the instructor becomes agitated then fine, you know you don't want this instructor, they may even ask who you are because know one asks these very, very important questions.

The bottom line is simple, if you ask these questions you understand exactly what you are going to get in terms of quality.

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